Thursday, June 4, 2020

SPA Trade Services In Action

Case Study No. 1:

A large club operating in the Sydney area which had a sizeable amount of gaming machines on its premises. Employees of the Club are required to open and empty the machines every morning. Whilst performing this daily duty, an employee was given a mild electric shock when touching one of the gaming machines. 

SPA Trade Services technicians were dispatched to the club immediately, and upon arrival, determined the cause of the shock. A heavy internal piece of the machine was being pushed back inside after emptying, and was crimping an electrical cable inside. Every time the component was removed and replaced, the cable was being damaged more. 

SPA’s technicians replaced the cable immediately, removing the risk of another electric shock to any other employees or a club patron. All employees of the Club were informed of the danger of replacing the component in a careless manner, therefore preventing another similar incident from occurring.

Case Study No. 2:

A manufacturing company phoned SPA Trade Services after hours on a Friday evening. The caller explained that a paper fire had just been extinguished by members of their staff and NSW Fire Brigade crews. Fortunately everyone was safe and the fire had been contained. The factory was now left with empty fire extinguishers, and the manager was concerned about the premises being left without fire safety protection over the weekend. 

SPA Trade Services had its fire technicians dispatched to site within the hour, inspecting, recharging and replacing their fire extinguishers and fire hose reels as required. The company was grateful that SPA attended to their needs so promptly, and that their fire safety obligations were met for the coming weekend.

Case Study No. 3:

One of SPA’s larger clients expressed the need to have several of their employees trained in Senior First Aid. SPA was able to place their staff into a training course without delay and those staff were exceptionally impressed with SPA’s trainers; in particular, their level of knowledge and professionalism. 

Several months later, SPA received a phone call from this client, who informed us that their newly acquired First Aid skills were put to use the weekend prior. A man was suffering a heart attack in a shopping centre, and our client was able to perform life saving CPR before paramedics arrived. As safety is SPA’s business, this was another SPA Trade Services success story, which literally saved someone's Life!


Our Services, Market leading initiatives, innovations and product developments are diverse, this is to ensure that as the Revered Business Partner, we provide our clients' with holistic value propositions on all services and products provided, to enable them in Establishing not only Best Practice and Greener Solutions within their organisation, but also to provide services & products that assist in reducing our Carbon Foot Print.


Our Performance is only as good as our last clients' as all our clients' are happy to talk and share service experiences from within the wider consumer network, our quality service deliverables, prompt, courteous and experienced staff, are what we believe to be what others can't do better.


Our Assurance is to our commitment in understanding our clients' limitations, budgets, short and long term needs and ensuring that we achieve a coherent and workable maintenance services strategy program, utilising our market leading innovative and best practice solutions for providing a greener and more energy efficient environment.