Thursday, June 4, 2020

Energy Efficient Audits, Reporting, Design & Upgrades

  • Audit of existing building services systems including:
    • Lighting: light fitting types, light switching & controls, lamp types, lamp wattage, colour temperature, circuiting, condition, compliance issues & operation.
    • Power: switchboards, time-clocks, controls, compliance issues, condition.
    • Mechanical: air conditioning systems., ventilation systems.
    • Hydraulic: hot water systems, operation & controls.
  • Review & assessment of electricity bills.
  • Data logging & report on the existing energy consumption, identifying trends, peaks, averages etc.
  • Report on the existing installation & the identification of opportunities to improve energy efficiency for all services, including lighting upgrades, power factor correction, upgrade of plant equipment & / or controls, energy sub-metering etc.
  • Assessment of costs & electricity savings, including life-cycle costs & return on investment.
  • Design, documentation & installation of upgrades.